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City of New Orleans Department of Public Works
New Orleans, Louisiana
Program Managemet of the design and construction phases of the Bond Funded Capital Street Improvements Program.
budget: $ 250 Million

Three Fold Consultants, LLC (TFC) has been retained as a Subconsultant by Earth Tech E&I at the request of the Owner (City of New Orleans) to serve as team member of the Program Management Consultants. TFCs role in the Bond Fund Capital Street Improvements Program is to assist the Prime Consultants with the complete management and implementation of the Citys Bond Fund Street Improvements Program. The project requires the review of the design and construction phases of street reconstruction projects. In addition, significant interaction and coordination must be orchestrated between outside agencies and the department of public works. TFC also conducts bi-weekly progress meetings with the Project Managers for the DPW, as well as assists with all contract negotiations for contract supplements, claims, change orders, etc.

Three Fold Consultants has been instrumental in setting up various policy and procedures that are currently being utilized by the department of public works (i.e. Project Close-Out Forms, Project Action Forms, etc.). Three Fold Consultants was also part of the team that founded the Department of Public Works Coordinating Council (DPWCC) that was established in August 2000.

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