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Northrop Grumman Ship Systems
Avondale, Louisiana
Environmental Site Assessments, Risk Analysis, Litigation Preparation and Remediation
budget: $1.0 M

TFC has provided geotechnical and environmental engineering to Avondale shipyards. The project required the development of a sampling and analysis plan, geotechnical design for the US Army Corps of Engineers, and LDEQ Permitting. Due to the project's close proximity to the Mississippi River Levee, a supplemental geotechnical design and evaluation was required. The geotechnical evaluation was reviewed and approved by the US Army Corp of Engineers and the West Jefferson Levee District.

In addition, the project required review and approval by the landowner and various local agencies. Three Fold Consultants is performing additional site evaluation and in the process of securing the additional approvals from the regulatory agencies.

TFC has also been retained to perform a site investigation to delineate hydrocarbon contamination and prepare submittals for the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. Tasks include drilling, sampling, reporting and risk evaluation.

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