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Civil Engineering
Three Fold Consultants, LLC, recognizes the special needs that are required during the planning, design, and construction phases of industrial, municipal, and private projects. Such needs include the careful design of subsurface infrastructures facilities (i.e. sewer, water, drainage, traffic signalization, etc.). Proper geometric layout is critical when rerouting buried utilities while maintaining access to various residential and commercial establishments with large and small passenger vehicles in tight quarters. This becomes a significant design challenge. Creating logical and economically feasible designs with the numerous pre-existing site constraints requires the talent and experience found at Three Fold Consultants, LLC. In conjunction with the aforementioned expertise, the growing need for storm water detention has also increased, Three Fold Consultants, LLC, can also provide hydrological studies to clients.

Electrical Engineering
Three Fold Consultants, LLC, offers substantial staff resources in electrical engineering with extensive experience in repair and construction of facility electrical systems. We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the National Electrical Code and its application to facilities. This experience, along with our extensive database of qualified electrical subcontractors, allows Three Fold Consultants, LLC, to design, renovate, or build electrical systems in any facility. In addition, we are able to perform electrical systems construction management and oversight.

Environmental Engineering
Three Fold Consultants, LLC, has extensive experience in environmental engineering for industrial, federal, and municipal clients. Such projects include permitting for the Love Canal in Niagara Falls, NY, oily waste recycling facilities in the US and abroad, as well as carbon regeneration design and permitting. Risk assessments have been performed under the requirements of several state agencies and the Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (RAGS). Three Fold has extensive air permitting and modeling capabilities and has performed projects for clients nationwide. top

Mechanical Engineering
Three Fold Consultants, LLC, has extensive expertise in designing turnkey mechanical processes that offer optimal solutions to clients. Such processes range from optimal HVAC designs to thermal reactor upgrades that treats solids and liquids.

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